frequency response:

40 - 20000 Hz


90 dB


4 Ohm

dimensions (w x h x d):

230 x 1030 x 300


33 kg each


standardfinish maple, beech or pear
special finish in all veneers and RAL-colours


The Raga loudspeaker has been developed for middle-size or large rooms and a higher sound pressure level. Exceptionally large band modules are the heart of the system. Indeed, they are still attractive despite the fact that they were developed many decades ago. In each speaker, two broad band modules  form a single unit and are used to transform the range of low-mid to high; a high quality bass driver supports the bass area. Despite the small dimensions of the two broad band drivers, they are able to reproduce a frequency range of seven octaves! Because vocals and instruments are principally reproduced by this one point source, the music is very homogenous and unfragmented.
Decreasing angle of radiation of the high frequencies and thereby also decreasing sound power is done on purpose since the broad band modules provide a long and seamless music experience. The missing energy absorption of the aluminium diaphragm and the very low mass of diaphragm are able to reproduce tiny nuances of micro information and achieve a compelling live sensation of the reproduction. The music listener becomes an integrated part of the performance; emotions are experienced as though the listener were actually present during a live performance in a concert hall.