frequency response:

45 - 20000 Hz


85 dB


8 Ohm

dimensions (w x h x d):

190 x 930 x 250


25 kg each


standardfinish maple, beech or pear
special finish in all veneers and RAL-colours


This loudspeaker differs fundamentally from conventional two-way systems. It is equipped with a large band driver that reproduces the whole frequency range from mid to high frequencies, and with a separate bass driver to support the bass range. Therefore, the cross-over frequency of both speakers is about ten times lower than usual and creates the effect of a real point source speaker. The complete mid range of sound – important for instrumental and vocal reproduction – is reproduced by a single extremely light diaphragm, weighting approximately one gram. With these speakers, Tala is able to reproduce remarkably lifelike sound. Also, the critical separation in a frequency range of maximum sensivity of the human ear is dropped, providing the necessary condition for an unfragmented, homogenous reproduction of music. Construction of broad band drivers requires special knowledge in the developer. These drivershave in fact been constructed very carefully so that they have required very few modifications over time.