15 cm broadband driver


four 25 cm bass driver


98 dB active bass

88 dB passiv


8 Ohm

recommended amplifier power:

from 5 W active bass

from 50 W passive

low frequency adjustment:

-3/ 0/ +3 dB (only active bass)

dimensions (h x b x d):

1636 x 460 x 160


40 kg



standard: maple, cherry, walnut
special finish in all veneers and lacquers


The new Avarta and Veena from AcousticPlan are one of the most radical loudspeaker designs to be developed in many years. A real cabinet doesn’t exist, it is reduced to a wooden frame covered on one side with a bended thin board made of  pressed and glued veneers. The result is lightness with regard to its optical and physical dimensions. The radiation pattern of all speakers in dipol characteristic allows the music to spread out freely and without energy absorbtion as in electrostatic loudspeakers.
A broadband driver with high efficiency and the additional sound energy of the back side allow the connection with small power amplifiers. Multiple bass drivers resulting in huge diaphragm area achieve low frequency power without any compromise. To adjust the level of bass response an additional amplifier is integrated. Basically it consists a transformer with a following MOS-FET impedance converter – unique in minimalistic circuit design. That’s why reproduction of the low frequency range excels in precision, immediacy and authenticity. 
Avarta and Veena have their own character with regard to the dimensions and especially to their quality of sound presentation. Music will be performed absolutely effortless, which makes you forget all the technique involved. The listener becomes part of the performance - an essential condition for the experience of emotions like in a concert.